Custom Bearings for Hostile Environments

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Run Cooler Without Lub
Run Faster With Less Wear
Dry Film Lubricants

  Now there is a source for rolling element bearings operating in severe environments. Champion Industries is proud to offer a variety of solid film lubricants used to optimize rotation. Intermolecular adhesion through ion deposition provides coating to virtually any surface. This is a new but successful technology offered through off the shelf and customized ball bearings.

Dry Film Lubricant Benefits
Life of Bearings
Hazardous Environments
Vacuum Systems
Heat Generation
Extreme Temperatures
Torque Required
Acids and Corrosive Chemicals

Coated Surfaces

T-1 Lead – Useful temperature 450*F. Used to lubricate and decrease electrical resistance in bearings proven lubricant in vacuum and on spacecraft.
T-3 Titanium Nitride – Useful Temperature 1500*F. Very Hard wear resistant coating. Excellent corrosion resistance. Proven lubricant in salt water and acidic environments.
T-5 Silver – Useful temperature 1200*F. Proven lubricant in high temperature vacuum.
T-7 Tungsten Disulfide – Non-toxic, non-magnetic, vacuum stable, minimum out gassing.
T-9 Moly Disulfide – With 10% nickel provides lowest friction in a vacuum. Nickel included for extended life in air. Successfully used on spacecraft.
T-11 Carbide Diamond – an amorphous carbon with diamond. Proven non reactive in acid, water, and highly corrosive environments. Provides the strength of chrome steel and the corrosion resistance superior to that of stainless steel.
T-13 Parylene – a polymer coating, pinhole-free, resistant to acids and water corrosion.
  T-15 Nickel X PTFE – Provides anti oxidation i.e. will not rust in fresh or salt water. The PTFE provides lubricity.

Why A Solid Film Lubricant?

  Ball bearings often suffer premature failure due to galling caused by a lack of lubrication. This condition frequently occurs due to rotation required in abnormal environments. High temperatures, corrosive chemicals and vacuum are but a few of the contributors.

  A classic example is the positioning equipment for the Silicon Valley with its harsh environment (high temperatures and vacuum.) Besides being subject to high temperatures and in a vacuum system, these systems also demanded an alternative to oil and grease lubricants.

  Champion offers a wide range of balls bearing brands and ABEC tolerances with selected solid film lubricants to provide the maximum in rotary performance under what was previously thought of as impossible conditions.

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